Aloe Vera Natural Remedy


Natural food, natural environment, and natural medicine have always attracted human attention. There are many commercial chemically processed medicines and cures but people still love to go for natural herbs and medicine because of positive effects and little or no side effects.

Among natural hers aloe vera plant proved itself scientifically a cure for many diseases, aloe vera a natural remedy is used to treat many internal and external diseases. Scientist in various researches about aloe proved it to be a cure for many diseases.

People of Nigeria have been using aloe since decades as anti-constipation based on folk tales about aloe vera. Scientist tested folk tale and proved that aloe not only is an excellent cure for constipation but also it removes toxin and colon from inner lining, improving digestive health of human body. Aloe vera a natural remedy; helps in weight loss by detoxifying extra nutrients. If you want to keep yourself fresh throughout day you need to take aloe vera, it plays a key role in effective metabolism.

Aloe vera natural remedy for skin cures: Aloe is applied on burns, cuts and wounds. Aloe can penetrate deep into epidermal layers of skin heals skin faster than other like products. Aloe vera natural remedy is used as essential nutrient in many products related to dermatology.

Many shampoos now use aloe vera a natural remedy for dandruff treatment. Aloe vera cures many diseases like blood sugar; aloe is an effective cure against a specific type of diabetes. People use aloe for lowering cholesterol level. People, who have probability of heart attack, can take aloe to increase oxygen transportation thus reducing the chance of heart attack.

Aloe vera a natural remedy has been a cure since times; ancient books contain interesting words about aloe, call it as “sign of good hope” aloe has long lasting relation with humans.

What makes aloe so interesting: Aloe leaves store extra water; we might have observed aloe gel that contains more than 95% of water, this hydrating property makes aloe be a global plant species. Aloe is derived from Arabic word “alloeh” meaning bitter. If you want to use aloe gel, mix it with honey that would definitely taste better.
Aloe kills bacteria, viruses so aloe vera a natural remedy is a defense force protecting you from many diseases. Aloe is a natural skin soother, it speeds skin cells and tissues growth.

Aloe isa natural remedy against insect bite; it acts as anti-itching agent. Aloe is a healer and a cure against wounds. Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra use aloe for beautification purpose. People apply aloe gel for skin brightening. It is also used to remove make up mask.

Aloe plant is 2 or 3 feet in length, planted for thousands of years across the globe. Thick leafs of aloe make it distinguish from other plants. People use aloe to give a beautifying look to houses, but it actually worth’s more for eyes that see blessing hidden inside aloe.

Native Americans called aloe “wand of heaven”, people of Africa call it “plant of immortality”, literature of today call it “miraculous plant”, a super natural product because of many cures and blessing it hides inside.

This natural plant can be easily planted and used, just cut aloe leaf from lower base and take out gel inside aloe leaf, your product is ready.


People mix aloe as a solute in some sweet solvent like honey for aloe intake or directly apply gel for external use.

How much aloe required: It is generally not recommended to take high dosage of aloe, a small quantity as low as 2 table spoons are enough for diabetic cures, aloe vera juice should be taken not more than two times a day.

Can aloe be used in parallel to commercial medications? Aloe vera has its own blessings and cures, people who are taking medicine must consult their doctor first.

People who are allergic by nature to onion should not use aloe vera since both belong to same family of plants.
Aloe usage for mothers who are feeding their babies is not recommended neither in pregnancy one should use aloe vera.

Aloe should be taken as herb; its heavy dose can be fatal for you. Enjoy the blessings of this miraculous plant with care and precautions.